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The Memorable Quotes:

"Dude, when I bend backwards, I can feel my ovaries."

"You make me itch in my pants,Rachel."

Rachel: "No one ever asks my opinion, I just give it."
Jessie: "That and everything else."

"I dunno...it tasted good."

Jessie: "If you zoom in, my eyes don't look as creepy."
Rachel: "Yeah, but my chin does."

Jessie: "Hey! Be Nice, I'm getting you a dick!"
Brookie: "As in attached to another's body?"
Rachel: "Yeah, I was wondering if she was gonna serve it up as cheese cake..."

"So hot, it's guarenteed to make you pop."
- Jessie

Rachel: "You have fun sized boobs."
Brookie:"As apposed to king sized?"

"Hard core corn porn!"

"You're using too many pronouns..."
(not a lightrail quote, but still funny anyhow)

"It'll come out if you work it."

Steve: "I love psycology"
Rachel:"I love my psychologist."

Brookie: "Stop squeezing my kneecaps."
Rachel: "She's having a kneegasim!"

Jessie: "I want to start an all girls band called the 'Hairy Testicles' "
Brookie: "The Hairy Tuscans?"

Alex: "Whatcha thinking about? (trying to be all romantic)
Rachel" I was just wondering why asparagus makes your pee smell funny."

Me: "I like riding the train with you guys."
Jessie: "I like riding Brooke"
Rachel: "I like riding the Brooke Express. It's faster, cheap, and easy."

Brookie: "You know he was married once."
Rachel: "And he's still a virgin."
Jessie: "What did they do on their wedding night? Play checkers?"

"I crawled into your mom's vagina last night and I found Jimmy Hoffa."

"It's kernel on kernel action!"

The BSA Mating Call:
-Uma Thurman
-John Travolta
-Marylin Monroe
-Charles Manson
-Marylin Manson
-Johnny Depp
-rock and roll
-who's pete?
-it ryhmes


"I'm the packmule!Moo!"

"Well, when you come out of park and veer into reverse, ramming your car into that brick wall known as parenthood, you call me."

"Orgasms and pirotechnics; what could be better?"

"We should start a rock band and call it 'The Screaming Ovaries' "

"My ovaries are fighting and my uterus is screaming. But all seems well on the outside.That is....until....*dramatic pause*....drip....drip...drip..."

"I'm good protection!Like a trojan that breaks!"

"Special.....like potatoe!"

"Silence is no longer a white meat.It is a meat substitute."

"Common sense isn't so very common anymore."

Brookie: "I was in girl scouts once."
Jessie: "I was in boy scouts once!"

Rachel: "It's slightly unpleasent when you're not exspecting it to be mocha."
Brookie: "You're slightly unpleasent, but I didn't want to say anything."
Rachel: "Your mom was slightly unpleasent last night!"
Brookie: "I know. I was there."

"I'm going to sharpen my toenails to a point, then walk around school barefoot."


"Silence - the other other white meat!"


"Whenever someone mentions Charles Manson,Marylin Monroe,or Marylin Manson.....I always think of the other person.Like, if someone was talking about Charles Manson, they're like 'Isn't Charles Manson great?' and I'd be like, 'Oh yeah! I love Marylin Monroe!' "


"It's okay if they don't look young....."


"I'm a pirate child porn star!"


Brookie: "You're going to get shot"
Jessie: "So are you"
Brookie: "Chicken Pot Pie!"

Brookie: "You're going to have so much material."(on me quoting her)
Jessie: "Mmmm....material....like fabric"

Jessie: "I have a left toe"
Rachel: "I have five"

"It's sooooo bunnie!"

"Yiddish....the other other other white meat"

"Oh my god, my friend Alex had me up all night calling his girl friends and hitting on them. I was like 'You sound really sexy on the phone'."

"We should go cow tipping!"

"It's the wierdest thing you could ever see. Vampires running aroung a church..."
-Jessie's dad

"There was a tragic accident one day at the lightrail involving an axe, a plunger, and lots of duct tape."

"We can go hardcore if you want."

Jessie: "I hang out with trees.They make great boyfriends.
Rachel: "Yeah, they don't move too fast."

Whoot whoot!

This is the part where I say, go Brookie! *claps* It's great that you thuoght this shit up, haha, because none of us would have done it. Luv ya lots! Oh yea, for the rest of y'all, I've still got a bunch of photos to upload so make sure y'all keep looking at the album.
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